Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Games For 5-9-12

This week saw a micro WWII desert game and a larger than expected game of Frag...

We also gained a new member Tom (mkIII) who will be down with a mate next week.

Next week we have-

Napoleonics using Black Powder with Dave, Rob, Steve, Brett and Tony.

Legends of the Old West with Vince, Bookmark, Taff and Trainset.

VBCW with Mick, Bradley and Robin.

40k with Tom and Issac

James, Bill, Roddy and anyone else who may be down has a choice of VBCW or Legends of the Old West...

Last weeks quote was from Gangs of New York.

This weeks quote:

'They're firing 20mm casless fletcher rounds at 300m. The effective lethal range is 200m. You're safe...'

Until next time,


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Every year we get BIGGER and better...

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gio02091981 said...

Very cool games. I played several of this games an I liked Street Car Wars